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Even dining can be luxurious

Even dining can be luxurious

Art, culture and luxury are closely related. The classical aim of art is to express beauty. Culture in the etymological sense means refinement, cultivation of a certain environment. We can define luxury as the consumption of goods and services whose quality and design far exceed the framework necessary to satisfy a basic need. Luxury is primarily characterized by high quality and exclusivity.

Luxury brand Natalis - Emozioni d'Arte is characterized by a unique symbiosis of art, beauty and luxury. Enthusiasm for beauty elevates the human mind and cultivates not only it, but also the surrounding environment. Today we want to show you that with the wonderful pieces of our art workshop, even an ordinary dining room in your home can be an encounter with beauty and an extraordinary cultural and luxurious experience.

Luxury dining with Natalis - Emozioni d'Arte

Luxury dining by Natalis - Emozioni d'Arte

It goes without saying that dining is one of the events that shape our own culture. Just as they include the way we furnish our home, the way we dress or take care of our appearance. With this, we visibly show our taste and aesthetic sense, our relationship to beauty and order. The environment that surrounds us simply affects us, but at the same time it sends a signal to everyone who enters the environment created by us, what the person who created it is like.

Luxury dining environment

Luxury environment by Natalis - Emozioni d'Arte

Let's put aside for now all the rules of dining etiquette: where to sit and when, what glass or cutlery to use, what kind of drink to choose with what food, and so on. We are not concerned with these matters now. We are interested in the cultivation of space and the atmosphere radiating from it.

Luxury platter Johara

Luxury serving platter Johara

With the unique pieces of Natalis - Emozioni d'Arte you can forget about ordinary dining. Get ready for an extraordinary experience! Our luxury serving platters, cake stands and bowls are made of premium quality solid wood, hand gilded with 24-carat gold and decorated with radiant cut crystals or gems. Fall in love with our luxury serveware, choose from our exclusive range.

Glass protection of Natalis - Emozioni d'Arte products

Glass protection

In order for our pieces to serve not only as decorative items but also for serving gourmet food, they are supplied with a protective insert made of crystal glass to prevent their damage.

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