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Art as an investment? Highly recommended!

Art as an investment? Highly recommended!

You have certainly asked many times what to do in a situation where the economy is falling down and the financial sector is affected by uncertainty? An inexperienced investor might panic, but the experienced one knows that this is the right time to buy and invest. You can invest in many commodities. Investment gold is well known, investments in diamonds, other gems and jewellery and, of course, real estate investments are also widespread. However, investment in the arts is becoming more and more important as a serious and advantageous investment option. And not only because in uncertain times of financial turmoil or rising inflation, it brings calm and security.

First of all, however, it should be noted that investing in the arts requires higher initial capital and no appreciation can be expected in the short term. In art, it is necessary to count on investment at least in the medium term, at least 8-10 years. However, everyone who is thinking about investing in art is aware of this. Investing in art has the potential for higher returns than traditional forms and is resistant to political or economic shocks.

Many would certainly be amazed at what art and luxury commodities are used to investing in. Works of art, diamonds or watches - it probably won't surprise you. But premium whiskey, quality wine or luxury handbags or furniture do not often belong to the investment portfolio. Or, better said, they belong to a portfolio of real experts. However, it must be marked that art trading has its own specifics. The price of works of art is very subjective and is actually determined only by the willingness of the buyer. But investing in art is not just about money. It also, of course, brings a dimension to the refinement and beautification of the environment.

Triptych from Francis Bacon

Let's look at some interesting artistic investments in 2020. In 2020, for example, a painting by Francis Bacon Triptych was sold for almost 85 million US dollars. However, we also managed to sell a bottle of 55-year-old Japanese whiskey. For 6.2 million USD. The Hermes handbag was sold in the same year, for more than 430,000 USD.

Scream from Edvard Munch

However, these are far from absolute records. The painting named Scream by Norwegian artist Edvard Munch from the end of the 19th century was sold in 2021 for almost 120 million US dollars. And just for the info, among the five most expensive paintings we can find up to three works by the world-famous Pablo Picasso.

  Ambrosia - Luxury Golden Bowl from Natalis - Emozioni d'Arte Agaue - Luxury Golden Bowl from Natalis - Emozioni d'Arte

The philosophy of Natalis - Emozioni d'Arte lies in the symbiosis of precise artwork and the use of rare materials, which results in an art of growing value. We are exceptional, especially in the production of gold works of art, whose investment potential we perhaps don't even have to talk about.

ANATOLIOS - Golden sculpture ‘Eagle Nest’ from Natalis - Emozioni d'Arte

Present uncertain times directly encourage investment in art, and we at Natalis - Emozioni d'Arte really understand art, luxury and precious materials. Our works are unique and created in limited quantities and we can adapt them to the requirements of even the most demanding clients. Make sure of that.

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